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ich spreche zerinisch

seattle. 20; aquarius. art & philosophy major. occupation: graphic designer. i adore james franco. my future is law school & dustin. i love art galleries, theater, and ghost hunting adventures.

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i hate this i hate this i hate everything

if i could, i would be somewhere else right now. 

i hate that every couple of moments, i see her words flash in front of my mind, the flirting, the laughs, the sex, the LACK OF RESPECT. 

did you fuck her? did you kiss her? did you feel for her? 

i’m going to go crazy. one moment i forget and the next i’m crying. my chest hurts. 

i deserved better than that

I wish you could see I devoted myself to your son more than any other girl has, and not that I am a scary Atheist with a Muslim cultural background. Stop the fear.


ironically, you turned out to be an ass when you were trying to defend that you weren’t. 

depending on anyone but yourself… no.

In the end

Everyone ends up alone

The Fray, You Found Me

future and fears

I fear that I’ll lose you to someone or because of myself, and I know that the only remedy to this self-made doubt is giving myself the confidence to step even more surely. Right now, I don’t know where I’m going to get this confidence. 

  • normal teenagers: has sex, does drugs, parties
  • parents: don't do it again
  • me: doesn't do dishes
swimming pool. 
love this.